What exactly is the Five brand?

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Five - Protection, Fitting, Design - Your hands will feel the difference!


What is Five?

The FIVE brand, available in 47 countries across five continents, bases its development on a simple principle: you can’t design a pair of gloves like you design an item of clothing. When you’re on a motorbike, the glove isn’t just an accessory, it tells the bike how you’re feeling. Whether you’re overtaking, braking as you reach a bend or making sure you get every last bit of juice from the engine, it’s responsible for so many decisions that can influence performance and safety. That’s why FIVE’s sole aim is to develop and produce the most advanced gloves, using cutting-edge technology and drawing on our wealth of racing experience.

The origin of the brand

French-Italian founder of the FIVE brand Franck Fazio worked for long years with the most prestigious Italian motorcycle equipment makers, coming into contact with the world’s top riders. Talking with one of these — one of the most demanding in terms of his equipment and concerned about the slightest detail — revealed his dissatisfaction with the degree of precision and protection of the gloves provided by his sponsor, and the idea came to him to concentrate on this product specifically. The finest recognition comes from riders who have been wearing FIVE gloves all these years. Thanks to them, the brand has travelled millions and millions of kilometres at the handlebars of thousands of different bikes.

Franck Fazio has always believed in getting involved in competition and has always had a close, almost paternalistic, relationship with “his” riders. So it’s only logical he would offer a few of them the prospect of joining FIVE after their sporting career. Stéphane Chambon, ex-World Supersport champion and winner of the Le Mans 24-hour has been one of the brand’s partners since it started. The Head of Development for FIVE gloves and competition is none other than Boris Chambon, ex-World Supermoto Champion. And the Export Sales Manager is also a former Supermoto World Champion, Jérome Giraudo, who goes round the world now not to win titles, but to promote FIVE — with great success! Everyone within FIVE is a practising biker, whether for leisure or in competition. Just proves the extent to which we appreciate being able to develop, produce, and market gloves that please us and meet our tiniest demands on all points.


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