How to order parts:

1. Go to Road or Off-Road Parts Finder.
2. Select year
3. Select model
4. Scroll down the thumbnail images, until you find the required heading.
5. Click on image and the product detail page will load.
6. An exploded image of the selected part will appear at the top.
7. Underneath you will find a sub heading of the part diagram
8. Underneath the sub heading you will find 5 further sub headings (No, Description, price, Rec.Qty and Rec.Qty)

No: Corresponds to part on diagram.
Description: Description of part.
Price: Value of purchase
Rec.Qty: Recommended quantity shows how many of those parts you would need for a total refurbishment of that particular part diagram. The prices are listed per item and including VAT. This is NOT a pack quantity. You need to enter the actual amount that you require of each part in the Req Qty box. If the recommended quantity says 10 you will not receive 10 if you only put 1 in the Req Qty box. You will only receive 1! The Rec Qty is just a guide to let you know how many of that part are shown on that diagram.
Req. Qty: Enter the quantity that you need for each part in the required quantity column

9. Add to basket
Please be aware that any parts listed on the parts finder with a zero cost next to them means that we can not order them from Honda on this part number and the part is unavailable at this time. The parts with a zero cost WILL NOT be dispatched. Please contact us if a part that you need does not have a price showing against it as we may have been given an alternative part number from Honda which we can order for you. We will then be able to tell you the price and availability of the alternative part number. Thank you.

How to order clothing

1. Select the type of clothing you require form the drop down menu.
2. Click in to the item that you are interested in and the product detail page will load
3. Choose the size and colour you require. If you are not sure which size to purchase our handy sizing charts may help.
4. Enter the quantity that you would like to buy
5. Add the item to your basket