Legendary luggage by Kriega

Designed in England by a dedicated team of motorcyclists. Kriega motorcycle backpacks, bike packs and accessories offer innovation, along with the highest standards of functionality & craftsmanship. Kriega kit is built to perform with an exceptional 10-year guarantee on ALL products.


As you can see, we have an amazing Kriega display with all you need for your trip or your everyday ride to work.

So, we wanted to highlight what products seem to work so we can help you make your own mind up.

  1. Kriega Drybags


Kriega Drybag Combo 70

You need some luggage for your next trip but do not know what to get, well, we say get the Kriega DryBag. It says it all: it is a tail pack, and it will keep your stuff dry…we mean COMPLETELY dry…for 10 years…guaranteed!

It is made of a variety of different materials such as Cordura, Nylon, Hypalon and that’s only to name a few… basically materials that will make the bag 100% waterproof. You can choose between 4 different sizes, all depending on where you are going, for how long and what you plan to take with you.

The features will be the same between these 4 bags. They feature an innovative design that attaches directly to the bike with 4 alloy hooks. They are really easy to install and to come off as well. They all feature an anti-slip mesh base so it stays firmly on your bike. They will fit any motorcycle. You get plenty of pockets for all your needs.

For the 20 and 30 litres, you also get a shoulder strap that will allow you to carry the bag easily off the bike.

Kriega Drybag US 5                   Kriega Drybag US 10                   Kriega Drybag Us 20                   Kriega Drybag US 30

    US-5                                 US-10                            US-20                            US-30

The great thing is that you can add up the dry bags together if you need to carry more stuff around with you. Let us explain: they are called Combo. For example, the combo 30 is a 30 litres capacity combo bags that includes a US-20 bag and a US-10 bag. Basically you can add them both up together for your long trip. Once you are off the bike, you can either remove both bags or only the lightest one if needed. That is brilliant!

Kriega US Drybag Combo 30

Kirega US Drybag Combo 30

So following the same idea, you can actually get a 70 litres luggage for your stuff (massive space). You can do absolutely everything you wish with them.

And finally, you can also convert them into a tank bag. Yep, a tail bag on your tank you heard me. You’ll have to get a special item for that (yeah sorry it is not quite a miracle yet). See the picture?

Kriega tank product                                       how to refuel with a Kriega Tank                                                 

That is exactly what we are speaking about. You only have to fit this on your bike and the bags will be easily removable when needed.

Need to refuel? Not a problem: the 2 x rear quick-release buckles allow the pack to be ‘hinged ‘ out of the way for re-fueling. Always back off the buckles when clicking back in and re-tighten back on to the bike.

So price wise, you are looking at £39.00 for the 5L, £55.00 for the 10L, £75.00 for the 20L and £95.00 for the 30L. And remember, 10 years warranty!

  1. Rally Pack

Kriega Rally Pack

This rally pack has a 2.5 litres capacity and is 100% waterproof. It is ideal for safety equipment while riding and is used for off road motorcycling.  The pack features a removable Velcro liner that makes it easy to wash. It comes with 4 alloy/stainless fasteners with nylon spacer washers. The retail price for this rally pack is £45.00.

  1. US 30 Bagpack

Kriega BackPack R30

This is the award winning waterproof bag pack. Look no further, you know you need one of them, of course you do!

The Kriega R30 back pack has a 30 litres capacity as you surely guessed. The main body is 100% waterproof and it comes with loads of pockets in order to stock everything you need. You can also add onto your bag pack a US5 or US10 tail bag, if you need extra space.

What impressed us with this bag is the comfort of it. You don’t feel that you have something behind you because the harness angle away from the underarms for a total freedom of movement and no shoulder pull. It is amazing! You can also insert a special Kriega back protector (fully approved CE Level 2) in your bag as there is a special space for it for an extra bit of protection.

 Kriega Backpack R30 harness                            Kriega Back Protector

Backpack harness R30                                                      Kriega Back Protector

For all price, availability and to see the full range of products, have a look here: http://www.hondaofbournemouth.co.uk/collections/kriega

Or give us a call on 01202541227.


August 04, 2015 by Marine Andre

Honda Tailored Service Plans at Honda of Bournemouth

Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to worry about paying ever time you had your bike serviced?

Tailored Service Plan

The Honda Tailored Service Plan is an easy and convenient way to take care of your bike for the next two, three or four years. Each plan is tailored to you and your bike: you choose which levels of service you want and for how many years. Honda will offer you the best possible price, spread over affordable monthly payments (interest free)

Your vehicle will be maintained to the highest standards by manufacturer trained technicians, using only manufacturer genuine parts and specialist diagnostic equipment. Nobody knows your bike better than the people who built it and the technicians trained to maintain it.

Here are few advantages you could get with a Honda Tailored Service Plan:


Call our Paul our Service Manager to find out more: 01202 541226

Please select from below to view our special offers.

Or give us a call on: 01202 541220


July 20, 2015 by Marine Andre

Fancy getting the best of the best?!

Here at Honda of Bournemouth, we love Held. And we would like you to understand why…

Our love for the German brand increased when we sent Paul, the service manager, on one of our regular ride outs wearing the Cadora jacket and Manero trousers to test them out. The ride out went through most of wales and finished in the Snowdonia National Park. The Snowdonia area is best known for 2 things; gorgeous views and horrendous rain….

We had both.

Over the 3 day trip the first day was fantastic and we couldn’t ask for anything more, we had twisty’s, views and a pack of Honda’s. However on the second day that changed.

It was WET.

The term torrential rain doesn’t do the rain justice. It was possibly the worst rain Paul has ever ridden in. But importantly by the end he was still bone dry.

Held Cadora Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

Held Cadora Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

Held Manero Gore-Tex Pro Trousers

So what makes Held Cadora/Manero gear so special? What’s the USP of the product?

Well, it is basically the best gear you can get from Held. Literally, the best.

Both top and bottom feature a Gore-Tex Pro membrane. So yes, it is Gore-Tex, so what does it make it so different from the other jackets of the brand, and why is it the best? Well, because it is Gore-Tex Pro! The jacket and trousers have been made so that the Gore-Tex membrane is part of the outer shell, not on the inside. That means that the jacket won’t get wet. The water won’t even go inside of the jacket, it will just run through. That makes it the best comfortable jacket you can get. You don’t have to worry about getting your gear dry for next time you are on the road, and you just have to “shake yourself” at the end of your day riding and that’s ALL, you are done looking after it! Brilliant isn’t it?!

That is the main reason why one of our good customers decided to get the gear. He had enough of being soaked after 2 hours in the rain, even with Gore-Tex material. He could not get any better than that.

Ok, so now that the main feature has been highlighted, what else do you get for your money? Well, there is a removable thermal lining that will keep you warm while riding. You’ll also find some air mesh panels at the back to keep you ventilated for warmer weather.

Obviously, the external pockets are waterproof thanks to the Gore-tex membrane. You’ll find 7 inner pockets, plenty of space to carry your stuff while riding, and even a mobile phone pocket!

You can adjust the jacket at the waist and on the arms and there is a soft collar that certainly adds to the level of comfort.

The shoulders and elbows are CE-approved Held SAS-TEC (if you don’t know what is SAS-TEC, keep an eye on the blog as we will soon write about that). You can also upgrade the jacket with a full length CE-approved back protector that can be inserted in the jacket. Reflective areas on the jacket (as well as the trousers) are a great bonus for this gear. It comes only in black so thanks to this feature, you will be able to be seen at night.

You can connect the jacket to the trousers thanks to the connection zip. The only downside we could find with this gear is that the trousers do not come with the braces, but they are available as an accessory.

So, in practice: Paul and one of our customers used the gear for a three day trip to Wales. It hammed down for 2 full days and they were both dry at the end.

There is no hiding the price of the gear, but if you are a commuter, a seasoned tourer, if you use your bike all-year around and have had enough of wet gear or if you fancy getting the best of the best, well look no further! This is the kit for you! And you will not find anything better. You can get the full gear at Honda of Bournemouth (Jacket £549.99, Trousers £459.99).

July 13, 2015 by Marine Andre

We stock the best award winning clothing brands

Do you know what is Motorrad? If so, you might already be wearing some Held gear… and you should be proud of that.

Let me explain…

Motorrad is the German word for "motorcycle". It is a German magazine (pretty much like MCN for us) about motorcycles and motorcycling. With an average circulation of approximately 135,000 copies, it is Europe's largest magazine for this target audience.

What is unique about this magazine is the amount of motorcycle tests it features. Their publishers test and use loads of different motorcycling gear products from different brands such as Alpinestars, Sidi, Spidi or obviously Held (it is German!).

So, Motorrad held its 2015 “Best Brand Ceremony” Awards for the year. What does this means? Simply that the readers of this magazine have voted for their favourite brands for 20 different categories (in total 48.118 reader votes). This brand survey resulted in a ranking whereas the most mentioned brand in each category came off as Best Brand.

With no surprises for the tenth year in a row, Motorrad readers voted Held the winner in the glove category, with 65.4% of the votes! Held also came first in the “textile category” (with 38.9%)!

This is a very good reason to treat yourself and upgrade your gear with some Held gloves (and maybe a very comfy Held Gore-Tex jacket as well…).

Here at Honda of Bournemouth, we stock loads of Held gear, and a full range of Held gloves. Click on the Held logo to find out more.

We also stock other brands in our showroom, and as you can see, they are not bad ranked either:

Motorrad award winning for textile category          Motorrad award winning for Leather category               Motorras award winning for helmets

Motorrad award winning for gloves                                                                   Motorrad award winning for boots

You can find all our products online at wwww.hondaofbournemouth.co.uk.

April 20, 2015 by Marine Andre

Do you fancy a ride to Germany?

December 18, 2014 by Marine Andre

Christmas and New Year 2014 Opening Hours

Follow our handy timeline to find out when we're open and closed during the Christmas festivities.


Christmas Eve 8:30 AM 1:00 PM
Christmas Day  CLOSED CLOSED
27th December 10:00 AM 4:00 PM
28th December CLOSED CLOSED
29th December 10:00 AM 4:00 PM
30th December 10:00 AM 4:00 PM
31st December 10:00 AM 4:00 PM
1st January 2015 CLOSED CLOSED
December 15, 2014 by Marine Andre

Wales week-end 2015

Our annual Wales Week-end will be from the 1st to the 3rd of May 2015.


phone Stuart on 01202 541220 and give us a deposit in order to secure your place.


Hurry up!


December 15, 2014 by Marine Andre

Dakar 2015: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile

The forthcoming 2015 edition of the Rally Dakar is due to head out from Buenos Aires on January 4. The world’s toughest race looks set to be even more demanding than usual for both bikes and riders.

Étienne Lavigne, Dakar Race Director, indicated that altitude will be one of the race’s predominant factors, as the route will involve several stretches above 3,600 metres. The total race length will be 9,295 km, of which 4,752 km – over half – will be timed special.

Here the route:


December 15, 2014 by Marine Andre

The UK’s best selling motorcycle just got better!


The all new CB125F

We are extremely pleased to announce an exciting new model to the range – The all new CB125F! Built at the Honda factory in China, and set to replace the existing CBF125M, the new CB125F has been styled with a strong family resemblance to the twin-cylinder CB500F and four-cylinder CB650F.

Key Features:

  • All new steel frame
  • Revised engine with balancer shaft
  • Revised 18 inch wheels (up from 17 inch)
  • Improved quality and componentry
  • Red shock springs
  • More set forward footpegs and wider pulled back bars
  • 120.7mpg (WMTC)

The bike will be available in three new colours: 

Candy Blazing Red                                        

  Candy Blazing Red                                  Onyx Blue Metallic                            Pearl Twinkle Yellow


This model should be available around May 2015. We will obviously keep you updated!

December 08, 2014 by Marine Andre

The True Adventure Prototype

Here's another Prototype revealed at the EICMA Motorcycle Fair in Milan: the True Adventure!




November 19, 2014 by Marine Andre
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