Tried and Approved: Caberg Duke Helmet

Caberg Duke Helmet tried and tested by Ms Smith:


Caberg Duke Matt White


Commuting on the bike means making plenty of stops at petrol stations – my Caberg Duke has stopped me getting shouted at for not removing my helmet, as I simply flip it up by pushing the large button at the front”

It has good ventilation to stop me from overheating, and the removable liner means I can quickly dry out the lining if it gets soaked through in a thunderstorm  – something I’ve had to do a few times! This’ll also make it easier to wash out after the summer. The visor has a quick-release system which makes cleaning it, and installing the provided clear pinlock anti-fog insert quick and simple. There’s a snazzy integrated sun visor too, which is bought down using a slider on top of the lid to keep the glare out of my eyes.

I usually prefer double-D ring fasteners, but I’m now a convert. The ‘micrometric’ fastener – a strap with ratchet notches which you push in and then flip a lever to release – allows me to get a tighter fit than with a belt-buckle style clasp as I can do it up in small steps.

For under £150, I think this is a great piece of kit, and carries a spec worthy of a lid costing double the price. It scores the maximum five stars in the SHARP helmet testing process too. It’s available in sizes XS-XL in a variety of matt and gloss designs"


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