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Do you know what is Motorrad? If so, you might already be wearing some Held gear… and you should be proud of that.

Let me explain…

Motorrad is the German word for "motorcycle". It is a German magazine (pretty much like MCN for us) about motorcycles and motorcycling. With an average circulation of approximately 135,000 copies, it is Europe's largest magazine for this target audience.

What is unique about this magazine is the amount of motorcycle tests it features. Their publishers test and use loads of different motorcycling gear products from different brands such as Alpinestars, Sidi, Spidi or obviously Held (it is German!).

So, Motorrad held its 2015 “Best Brand Ceremony” Awards for the year. What does this means? Simply that the readers of this magazine have voted for their favourite brands for 20 different categories (in total 48.118 reader votes). This brand survey resulted in a ranking whereas the most mentioned brand in each category came off as Best Brand.

With no surprises for the tenth year in a row, Motorrad readers voted Held the winner in the glove category, with 65.4% of the votes! Held also came first in the “textile category” (with 38.9%)!

This is a very good reason to treat yourself and upgrade your gear with some Held gloves (and maybe a very comfy Held Gore-Tex jacket as well…).

Here at Honda of Bournemouth, we stock loads of Held gear, and a full range of Held gloves. Click on the Held logo to find out more.

We also stock other brands in our showroom, and as you can see, they are not bad ranked either:

Motorrad award winning for textile category          Motorrad award winning for Leather category               Motorras award winning for helmets

Motorrad award winning for gloves                                                                   Motorrad award winning for boots

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