The UK’s best selling motorcycle just got better!

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The all new CB125F

We are extremely pleased to announce an exciting new model to the range – The all new CB125F! Built at the Honda factory in China, and set to replace the existing CBF125M, the new CB125F has been styled with a strong family resemblance to the twin-cylinder CB500F and four-cylinder CB650F.

Key Features:

  • All new steel frame
  • Revised engine with balancer shaft
  • Revised 18 inch wheels (up from 17 inch)
  • Improved quality and componentry
  • Red shock springs
  • More set forward footpegs and wider pulled back bars
  • 120.7mpg (WMTC)

The bike will be available in three new colours: 

Candy Blazing Red                                        

  Candy Blazing Red                                  Onyx Blue Metallic                            Pearl Twinkle Yellow


This model should be available around May 2015. We will obviously keep you updated!

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