Muc-Off Helmet and Visor Pack

We have a brilliant product in stock that is suitable for all bikers no matter what motorcycle they ride. It is called the “Helmet and Visor Optix Pack”, from the brand Muc-Off.

Each Kit contains a premium quality microfiber cloth which has been specifically designed to clean optical finishes such as motorcycle visors. The Optix Pack also includes a 35ml spray bottle containing an advanced PH balanced, biodegradable cleaning formula.

The case is made from EVA with no hard edges for comfort in a pocket and ensures the cloth is kept contaminant free. A carabiner ensures the pack can quickly be added or removed from your backpack etc. Full instructions and care advice are also included.

Why is it useful? This product removes quickly and safely any dirt, dust, grim, snow, sweat and oily residue from all helmets and visors. It is also ideal to clean headlights, speedometers, screens and mirrors.


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