New Motorcycle Delivery

When you go into a motorcycle showroom you can see rows of new bikes lined up but have you ever wondered how they got there? It’s common to see car transporters taking new cars to showrooms around the country but it’s rare to see a brand new motorcycle on its way to a dealership. This is because the bikes are usually delivered inside a lorry and then off loaded by a fork lift truck. Here at Honda Of Bournemouth we receive a bike delivery every Wednesday, usually first thing in the morning. Today we have had 5 new bikes delivered.



New bikes ready to be unloaded

This is how the bikes arrive inside the lorry. Each bike is in its own metal crate and covered in protective plastic to keep it safe and clean. Sometimes we only have a couple of bikes but occasionally we have a full lorry load!


Unloading the bikes

The driver has to be very precise with his fork lift truck! One wrong move could cause a lot of damage. Luckily we have Kevin delivering our bikes to us today and he knows exactly what he's doing.



Putting the bike on the forecourt


The bike is carefully set down on the forecourt of the dealership. When we have a lot of bikes delivered they do take up parking space outside the shop so we need to get the bikes inside the workshop as quickly as possible where they will be removed from their crate. Some of the bigger bikes will come without their handlebars, front wheels or mudguards attached so these have to be built up before they go on display in the showroom.





This is Kevin securing the fork lift truck back on the lorry. He has safely delivered 5 bikes to us this morning. After we have checked and signed all the paperwork Kevin can be on his way to his next delivery and we can start uncrating the bikes to get them on display in the showroom as soon as possible.


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