The new Fastback casual shoes from Alpinestars

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Alpinestars don't just make motorcycle racing and touring boots. They also have a great range of casual riding shoes too. The Alpinestars Fastback shoes have just arrived in store and we love them!

First of all, the Fastback shoes are waterproof and breathable. You can wear them in all weather conditions. The outer shell is a combination of suede leather and textile.
These shoes are highly comfortable, and ideal for street use. The collar is meshed and reinforced for more comfort and breathability. The inner sole is anatomically profiled and gives the foot a more natural posture when you are either riding or walking. There is a combination of laces and a Velcro strap (with the Alpinestars logo on it) so that the shoes will stay firmly and safely in place at all times.
Safety speaking, these shoes have plenty of features that will protect you while riding. They are also adapted to be worn with your casual clothes for an everyday use. You get external protection on both side of your ankle and the protection at the toe and heel are layered under the leather for a great finish look and 100% safety.

You will love the design of these shoes, with printed Alpinestars logos on the outside of the shoe and on the tab. They are so good that we already want to wear them in store!

You can find your pair online … or in store for a retail price of £119.99, not bad for a pair of shoes you can wear either on your bike or at the local pub on Friday night!

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