Grex G9.2 Steadfast Metal Black/Yellow


Grex G9.2 Steadfast Metal Black/Yellow

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G9.2 is Grex’s full face flip up helmet, designed for scooter and motorcycle use. Thanks to its compact size, ideal comfort and the guarantee provided by Nolan’s experience, it is considered the quintessential flip up helmet in its price range.

  • P/J Homologation - The helmet can be used either with the chin guard open (J configuration) or closed (P configuration), as the protective chin guard has passed the homologation tests required by UN/ECE regulations for full face helmets.
  • Dual Action (Patented) - Exclusive chin guard opening system. Positioned in the centre of the chin guard, it allows for easy, one-handed opening. The dual action opening mechanism reduces the risk of accidental opening: the chin guard can be opened only operating the first release lever (or safety lock) and then activating the second lever.
  • VPS Visor - Adjustable VPS (Vision Protection System) sunscreen, UV protection up to 400nm
  • Set-Up For N-COM - The helmet is set up and approved with installed N-Com communication system. N-COM compatibility: B901 S series - B601 S series - MCS III S series
  • Visor - Scratch resistant visor
  • Microlock Retention System
  • Inner Padding - "Air Comfort" Neck-roll
  • Wind Protector
  • Pinlock ready (sold separately)