Honda of Bournemouth Motorcycle Training Courses

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The CBT – Compulsory Basic Training

Honda of Bournemouth Motorcycle Training Courses

Do you need to book your CBT Test? Get on the road with Honda of Bournemouth! The day is split into five parts, including initial classroom training as well as riding practice on-site and a final assessed road ride.

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The course itinerary

Honda of Bournemouth Motorcycle Training Courses

1. Eyesight test

After having checked your driving licence you take a quick eyesight check. Your instructor will then explain the course and give you some hints and tips about the clothing that you are best to wear when riding.

Honda of Bournemouth Motorcycle Training Courses

Be ready

What to Bring

A helmet which complies with BS 6658:1985. Your Honda Approved Training school will be able to provide you with this if you do not have one yet. A jacket which should ideally be warm, waterproof and provide good abrasion protection. Good quality leather (or strong material) gloves. Ideally these should cover (extend above) the wrist. A pair of sturdy boots which cover the ankles, and which provide good grip. Tough jeans or trousers – no shorts or lightweight materials.

Make sure you have the correct licence card: either UK driving, provisional or EU licence with UK counterpart licence number. Unfornatley training can't be provided if you don't have one of the above. Please contact us before booking if you are unsure.

School of motorcycling


Honda of Bournemouth Motorcycle Training Courses


It all starts here - The Compulsory Basic training course includes a mix of classroom, off road and on road tuition. Successfully completed, you will receive your CBT certificate.

Qualification – a valid CBT certificate allows a 16 year old to ride a moped, Up to 50cc. If you are 17 or over you can ride a motorcycle with a power output of 11kw (14.6 bhp) – check out the MSX 125. You must display full size L plates and you cannot carry a passenger or go on the motorway.

Honda of Bournemouth Motorcycle Training Courses

CBT COURSE £149 Including certificate

15% off your first purchase of clothing or accessories

when you book your CBT with us Quote: CBT10 (Instore only)