X-LITE X-661 Honeycomb N - COM (Large & X-Large only)
X-LITE X-661 Honeycomb N - COM (Large & X-Large only)


X-LITE X-661 Honeycomb N - COM (Large & X-Large only)

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  • Composite Fibre Shell Made of sophisticated materials such as Carbon, Kevlar® and glass which guarantee high performance.
  • Three Outer Shells
  • Touring Ventilation System
  • Wind Protector
    Easily removable, it prevents air infiltration from the chin area.
  • Touring Experience Comfort
  • Vision Protection System
    Exclusive sunscreen positioned on the outside or inside of the visor. It can be easily activated: just lower or lift to use or exclude. It is moulded out of SABIC Lexan™ and is scratch resistant and fog resistant, with UV protection up to 400 nanometres. Useful in all sorts of situations, it is easy to remove when it is not needed, or for normal maintenance and cleaning operations.
  • Quick Release Visor, Tool free quick release visor.
  • Scratch Resistant Ultra Wide Visor
    Its large surface makes it possible to have a broader view, also lateral, thus highly increasing active safety.
  • Double Action
    Device allowing the visor lock to prevent accidental visor opening at high speeds.
  • Particularly suitable for use of the helmet over long periods, it is the most popular retention system on racetracks.
  • Ready for Pinlock

 We currently only hold stock of large and x-large for this helmet we can no longer get hold of other sizes.