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Nolan N86 Rapid N-Com Flat Black

The N86 is the new road full face helmet by Nolan characterised by its sporty, streamlined design, compact volume, extensive standard equipment and close fit comfort.


It is injection molded with SABIC Innovative Plastics polycarbonate Lexan EXL, the resin that, with a defined shape, thickness and procedure, provides superior performance level to other plastics, especially in terms of high impact resistance.
The Nolan N86 ventilation system includes an air intake in the chin area, two top air intakes and a rear extractor system ensuring highly efficient heat dissipation for ideal comfort in any condition of use.
Top air intake
Chin guard air intake
Rear air extractor
Wind Protector - prevents air infiltration from the chin area
Removable and washable, the inner comfort padding is made innovative fabrics, with antibacterial treatment, which can offer improved freshness and maximum comfort throughout the seasons and in all riding conditions. It can be easily removed and replaced thanks to the exclusive snap mechanism.
Tool free quick release visor
The visor includes the VISION PROTECTIO SYSTEM (VPS). This is an exclusive sunscreen positioned on the outside or inside of the visor. It can be easily activated, just lower or lift to use or exclude. It is moulded out of SABIC Innovative Plastics Lexan 0Q and is scratch resistant and fog resistant. Useful in all sorts of situations, it is easy to remove when not needed, or for normal maintenance and cleaning.
Scratch resistant visor.
Anti-fog visor with silicone-sealed profile (FSB - Full Silicone Border). Thanks to the exclusive adjusting system, the stretch of the Pinlock visor can be adjusted from the outside, thus making removal unnecessary.
The N86 is equipped with the Microlock2 double lever retention system. This system consists of a thermoplastic ergonomic opening lever, and of a second aluminium toothed and holding lever. The toothed lever releases the micrometric strip, thus the chin strap can only be opened with a very broad rotation of the opening lever. This device minimises the possibility of unintentional opening of the retention system.

Nolan N86 Rapid N-Com Flat Black

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