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Honda Optimate 3+ Battery Charger / Optimiser

Please note:This is the new Optimate 3+ which does not fit into the Optimate Bracket listed seperately.

Taking care of your starter battery is essential to ensure it stays fully charged during periods of non-use. The Honda OptiMate 3 Battery Charger is the answer. It’s specially designed for modern batteries from 2 to 32 Amp-hours capacity with the ability to diagnose, charge, check and maintain your battery automatically for months.

All major battery manufacturers recommend maintaining starter batteries.

Included with the Honda OptiMate 3 Battery Optimiser are two interchangeable connection harnesses, one with clamps for bench charging, and the other for permanent connection to the motorcycle’s battery to allow easy reconnection of charger when necessary.

Honda Optimate 3+ Battery Charger / Optimiser

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