Held Conan Outdry Waterproof Boots Black
Held Conan Outdry Waterproof Boots Black


Held Conan Outdry Waterproof Boots Black

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  • Outdry waterproofing: Keeps your feet drier
  • Detachable fibreglass shin plate & ankle protection
  • An a-symmetric closure ensures that there is reduced pressure on the zip and it also means a more comfortable fit.
  • Velcro adjustment at the calf offers the perfect fit and a gear shift pad stops the boots wearing as you change gear.
  • There's a removable fibreglass shin plate and an inner boot. Leather on the outside offers abrasion resistance with inner made of a grippy material in case you stand on the bike.
  • There's also dual-sided ankle protection and reflective section to improve your visibility to other road users.
  • These motorcycle boots remind us of another German brand that you would have to pay top dollar for!
  • The Outdry laminate membrane uses ground breaking technology to ensure that your boots are 100% waterproof.
  • The Outdry membrane is laminated to the outer leather of the motorcycle boots.
  • Usually in other waterproofing techniques there would be a separate membrane, it means that the rain would have to travel through the outer to the waterproof membrane and it would sit in between those two layers.
  • That in turn means that your feet cannot breathe and they'd get cold! Outdry is laminated to the outer to ensure your feet can breathe and will be 100% dry and warm!