Forza 350


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Increased cubic capacity for Honda’s mid-size sporty/GT sit-in scooter brings with it faster top speed and improved acceleration. The ‘enhanced Smart Power+’ (eSP+) engine is also now EURO5 compliant. Cosmetic updates add to the premium appeal and improve aerodynamics. The electric screen features an extra 40mm travel and a USB charger adds further convenience. As an option, the Forza 350 can wirelessly connect its rider to various smartphone functions via the new Honda Smartphone Voice Control system.

  • 330cc engine puts out an extra 3Kw peak power @ 7,500rpm and 4.3Nm more torque at 5,250rpm.
  • Top speed of 137km/h, and 0.7s faster acceleration to 200m
  • ‘enhanced Smart Power+’ technology ensures fuel economy of 30km/l (WMTC mode), with EURO5 compliance
  • 10% lighter crankshaft
  • Throttle bodies increased in size to 36mm (from 34mm)
  • Inlet valves’ diameter increased to 28mm (from 27mm)
  • New piston oil jet to improve cooling and combustion efficiency
  • Revised intake and exhaust ports improve efficiency
  • Redesigned muffler, with only two chambers
  • Hydraulic cam chain adjuster and scavenger pump to reduce internal friction.
  • Electric screen adjusts through 180mm, an extra 40mm, for improved comfort
  • Cosmetic updates enhance visual appeal and aerodynamic performance
  • Lighter pillion handles save over 1400g
  • Room for two full-face helmets under the seat; new USB charging socket
  • Smart Key operation of ignition and (optional) 45-litre top box
  • Emergency stop signal function warns other road users of sudden braking
  • Short wheelbase with sharp steering geometry
  • Relocated radiator for better cooling
  • Compact dimensions paired with a practical seat height
  • Both wheels cast aluminium; 14-inch diameter rear and 15-inch front

The 2021 Forza 350 will be available in the following colour options:

 Pearl Nightstar Black

Matt Pearl Pacific Blue **NEW**

Pearl Cool White

Matt Cynos Gray Metallic

Pearl Falcon Gray **NEW**


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