ABUS WBA 100 Granit Ground/Wall Anchor 160/165mm


ABUS WBA 100 Granit Ground/Wall Anchor 160/165mm

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Abus WBA 100 Granit Ground / Wall Anchor 160 / 165mm

Operation and use 

  • The anchor allows the locking of two-wheel vehicles in garages; cellars; at houses and carports.
  • The WBA 100 can be mounted to the ground as well as to the wall. In combination with a high level ABUS lock it builds a very secure unit.

Technology and features 

  • 16 mm round shackle made of special hardened steel for highest resistance
  • Mounting accessories included


  • After installing this anchor correctly it can only be removed with a considerable effort - the usage in rented places has to be checked by the installer Due to the flat design and the high quality plastic; the WBA can be overrun by vehicles without any problem e.g. in garages.
  • The WBA 100 is weatherproof and can be installed indoors or outdoors